Internet banking


Your computer and data security is an essential part of retail and corporate business. To protect yourself from hacker attacks directly through the Internet, or indirectly by creating malicious programs aiming to perform criminal actions on your computer, we propose the following measures of protection.


  • Personal data

    Never save information about the token, PIN, your personal passwords, credit card info, etc. on your computer. Do not share PIN and passwords with anyone. When you enter the data on a web page, make sure that the website is trustworthy.

    Karlovačka banka will never ask to reveal your PIN or e-service passwords.

  • Email

    Use caution when opening email attachments and never open attachments from unknown persons. Files attached to e-mail messages are the primary source of infection. If the message is from the known sender and you were not expecting it, before opening check to make sure the message has actually been sent by the known sender. Do not follow links sent from unknown email addresses but enter desired address directly in the Internet browser.

  • Hyperlinks

    Be careful when selecting hyperlinks within email. Hyperlinks allow you to open web pages and are commonly used as part of a fraud related to identity theft. Choose hyperlink from messages that you trust.

  • Internet banking

    Never install the e-Kaba application on the computer accessible to more people.

  • Operating system and firewall

    Regularly update the operating system of your computer. Non-updated operating system is subject to computer crime more often. Install a firewall that will block access to a large part of the malicious programs.

  • Web browser

    Regularly update your web browser. A web browser is a basic application used to access the Internet, therefore it is extremely important to update it.

  • Antivirus program

    Install an antivirus program on your computer and on other devices you use to access the Internet. It is extremely important to regularly update your antivirus software.

  • Extra programs

    Do not install additional applications on the e-Kaba service. The Bank will never ask for the installation of additional software and will never send it in e-mail message as an attachment or a link to a web page.

    To protect yourself when using e-Kaba service we give you a few tips.

  • Check-in

    Access e-banking service exclusively via the official site .

    To start using e-Kaba service safely and properly follow the instructions for using e-Kaba services that are prescribed by the Bank.

    Do not access e-Kaba service through the links contained in an email or on other web pages (they are often false e-mail addresses, very similar to the official e-mail addresses of the Bank).

    While you are logged in to the e-Kaba service do not open other Wwndows and do not run other programs.

  • Check-out

    After you are finished working with the application e-Kaba be sure to log off of the service.

    If you are a business user – after you finish working with the application e-Kaba remove the Cryptographic device (smart card or USB security device) from the computer and store it in a safe place.

  • Additional applications

    Do not install additional applications on the e-Kaba service. The Bank will never ask for the installation of additional applications/software and will never send it in e-mail message as an attachment or a link to a web page.

  • Safety certificates

    To ensure a secure channel of communication between you and e-Kaba service we use the certificate verified by Symantec. You can check security certificate by choosing it in the address bar. You can check the certificate which ensures your data by clicking on the icon Norton Secured that shows if you are on the Bank’s server.


  • Prior transaction authorization, verify information in the payment order, the account number of the payee, the amount and PNB number.
  • Regularly check the account balance and transactions and in case of suspicious transactions inform the Bank immediately.
  • Any unusual behavior of the computer and/or e-banking application while using e-Kaba service and a suspicious call or e-mail requesting confidential information should be reported immediately to the phone number 0800 417 336 or to the following email address: .
  • When you create your own password, please follow the rules defined in the technical instructions and ensure that the combination of letters and numbers is not simple and easy to remember.
  • To protect against potential threats, use recommendations and tools from the site of the National Anti-Botnet Center or read the information on the Internet site of the CERT (National Computer Emergency Response Team)  at the Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet.

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