Standing order / SEPA direct debit

Standing order is intended for all owners of current and giro accounts , who authorize the Bank for money transfer of identical monthly amounts, by a certain date, up to the amount of funds available on the account, in their name and for their account.

The Bank can carry out the payment of the following obligations:

-transfer of funds by standing order, in favor of the account in the Bank, free of charge:

  • transfer funds from giro account to current account
  • transfer funds to savings accounts
  • transfer funds to deposit
  • purchase of foreign currency with a deposit to the account
  • repayment of Bank loan

-transfer of funds by standing order to the accounts in other banks with affordable fee

SEPA direct debit is a national payment service for current and giro account debiting where the payment transaction is initiated by the issuer of the invoice. SEPA direct debit serves for payment of obligations with amounts that differ from month to month (e.g. telecommunication services). SEPA direct debit can be contracted with the issuer of the invoice.

The benefits of managing account using standing order and SEPA direct debit:

  • time saving – settling accounts without having to go to the Bank
  • care of a timely cover of your obligations are taken over by the issuer of the invoice and the Bank
  • lower fees than in Bank’s branches
  • services can be revoked at any time

General information are available in Croatian version only.


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