Term savings in foreign currencies

Karlovačka banka offers term savings in different foreign currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, AUD. Term savings in foreign currency is intended for clients who want a safe investment with additional revenue. Regarding terms of deposit, clients can choose a short term (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) and long term (24 or 36 months) savings.

Term savings in foreign currency products:

  • Bonus savings
  • Open bonus savings
  • Rent savings
  • Children’s savings
  • Open savings
  • Standard savings

If you need the money before the expiration of term deposit deadline, you may dispose of your saving deposits in which case the Bank will calculate the interest rate applicable to the nearest endured term.

Disposal of term deposit up to 50% of the amount of deposit term prior to the expiration of the term deposit deadline

All contracts can be terminated before the expiration of term deposit deadline on written request at no charge in accordance with theDecision on fees for performingbankingservices if 50% and more of deposit is set for a new term savings. For such terminated contractthe Bank will calculate and pay interest at the agreed interest rate.

General information