Visa Credit – monthly installment

Visa credit card is internationally accepted at all retail locations and ATM’s with Visa brand.

Benefits of Visa:

  • choose a date of payment: 5th or 15th of the month
  • choose a number of installments – 3, 6, 12 or 24 installments
  • purchase at retail outlets at home and abroad and pay the cost in installments
  • purchase in Internet shops and pay the cost in installments
  • withdraw cash at all ATM’s at home and abroad with repayment in installments
  • early repayment of costs without fees
  • possibility of paying the costs by standing order
  • no interest will be charged

When purchasing, it is not necessary to point out to the seller the number of installments, it is enough to present the card and confirm by PIN. Transaction is automatically split into selected number of installments.

Transactions are not split in installments if cost is less than 30,00 EUR (for cards with 3, 6 or 12 installments).

By using Visa card in installments, the available balance is reduced for total costs of transactions. The first installment is due for payment without delay, whereas the remaining installments are due per month, on the day of the due date of the first installment. Available balance of funds is increased by the amount of each installment repayments.

All incurred costs are calculated once a month on the selected date and according to the number of installments and the Bank shall submit a bill by post or via e-mail.

For purchases that are divided into more installment, the Bank will charge one-time fee that is due together with the first installment repayment. The amount of the fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the transaction and the percentage depends on the number of installments.

If you want to become a Visa user, please contact one of our Branches.

General information is available in Croatian language only.

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