Maestro card for current accounts

Maestro debit card is made by the latest technology and allows contactless payments on EFTPOS devices with a sign for contactless payments and a contactless cash withdrawal on signed ATMs. In the Republic of Croatia, payment transactions up to 40.00 EUR are executed without a PIN; it’s enough to tap the card on EFTPOS and the transaction is done. When purchasing over 40,00 EUR, the transaction must be confirmed by the PIN.

Maestro debit card gives you easy and quick access to your domestic currency current account. Although it is a debit card, it has a specific credit features because it allows you to make postponed payments or pay in installments  on EFTPOS devices of Karlovačka banka.

You can use Maestro card at retail outlets at home and abroad; disposal of money in this way is significantly safer than carrying cash, because in case of theft or loss, card can be blocked and can no longer be used.

In case of a need for cash, you can withdraw money at ATMs around the world.

Maestro card is used with a secret code (PIN) and whenever you use this card on ATM or EFTPOS device, transaction must be authorized by PIN.

This card is made available when opening a current account at one of the branches of Karlovačka banka.

Benefits of the Maestro card for current accounts

  • pay for goods and services via EFTPOS devices of Karlovačka banka on postponement or in installments
  • pay for goods and services via  EFTPOS devices of other banks at home and abroad
  • pay for goods and services via Internet
  • cash withdrawal at KABA ATMs without fees
  • cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks at home and abroad
  • disposal of funds 24/7 with full cost control
  • statement of current account balance using KABA ATMs
  • cash withdrawal on payout EFTPOS devices
  • additional Maestro cards to all authorized assignees on a current account
  • cards are equipped with a chip technology that provides a high level of security and protection

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