Giro account

The Bank arranges giro account for the purpose of receiving payments, based on special regulations which regulate the tax and payment transactions. You can arrange domestic currency or foreign currency giro account in any branch of the Bank upon presentation of an identification document (identity card or passport).

On the basis of regular or occasional inflows to the giro account, you can arrange current account and carry out the transfer of funds to the same.

Bank shall report on the balance and changes on the giro account through the Statement on the giro account (available in the Bank or delivery to a reported address), or through the Info service.

Domestic currency giro account

Domestic currency giro account is intended for all domestic and foreign physical persons who generate income from:

• fees and royalties
• work of contract
• scholarship
• copyright fees
• leasing real estate and movable property

Managing the funds on the giro account is possible as follows:

  • Maestro card, which allows 0-24 available cash via ATMs and payment on all retail outlets home and abroad
  • cash order/transfer
  • standing order

General information

Foreign currency giro account

Foreign currency giro account is the account the Bank arranges to domestic and foreign physical persons who generate foreign currency income from occasional activities.

Foreign currency account can be used in all currencies according to exchange rates of Karlovačka banka.

Managing the funds on the foreign currency giro account is possible as follows:

  • cash order/transfer
  • foreign currency transfers
  • standing order

General information