Internet banking [e-kaba service]

e-Kaba service offers the possibility of account managing and performing non-cash domestic and foreign payment transactions via Internet.

The use of e-Kaba services ensures confidentiality of your data and privacy and allows unlimited access to service and saves your own time.

Benefits and features:

  • quickly and efficiently performing non-cash payment transactions
  • self time management and execution of payments on the desired dates
  • privacy in managing accounts
  • security and protection by using a password when accessing e-Kaba and executing orders
  • execution of all orders for payment
  • transfer of funds to your own accounts
  • execution of order in favour of the recipient’s account in the Bank in real time
  • execution of orders for recipients in other banks in real time
  • delivery of the order in advance
  • insight into the transactions and balance of accounts, immediately after the execution of the order
  • availability of the statement in time that corresponds to the client
  • using templates for easier execution of orders for the same recipients

General information

How to become a user of Internet banking?

All you need for using this service is a personal computer with access to the Internet and the transaction account in the Bank.

Kaba mToken

Kaba mToken allows e-Kaba users to use e-Kaba service on any personal computer with Internet access.
All you need is a smart phone with the Android platform or iPhone and access to the Internet on your mobile phone.

Benefits of using mToken:

  • availability of e-Kaba service from any PC that has access to the Internet
  • safe, simple and discreet method of payment
  • quick and comfortable performing of transactions

Follow modern trends and stay mobile with Kaba mToken!

Instructions and technical instructions for Internet banking are available in Croatian language only.