Current account

The Bank opens a current account in the national currency and/or in a foreign currency from the Bank’s exchange rate list, through which client receives payments and makes payments within the available account balance.

When arranging a current account in Karlovačka banka a person becomes a client and receives a number of benefits with the possibility of quick and easy planning of daily financial operations regardless of the working hours of the branch.
You can arrange a current account at any branch of the Bank with the presentation of an identification document (ID card or passport).

The Bank can arrange a current account for any domestic physical person who procures:
• regular monthly inflow (salary, pension, etc.)
• irregular inflow (funds transfer from other accounts – bank accounts, savings deposits, and which is secured by a deposit, guarantee from another person)
• students

Benefits of using a current account at Karlovačka banka:

  • arranging an account free of charge
  • Possibility of contracting few assignees on a current account
  • Maestro international debit card (in national currency) allows withdrawals at ATMs and payments on EFTPOS devices at home and abroad (for owners and assignees)
  • Maestro card (in national currency) payment on postponement and in installments (up to 12 installments, up to 90 days delay) on EFTPOS devices of Karlovačka banka, with no interest
  • availability of funds 0-24 using the ATM network at home and abroad,
  • possibility of increasing the daily / weekly amount limit for withdrawals at ATMs and EFTPOS Devices
  • overdraft up to 5.300,00 EUR depending on the amount of regular monthly inflow to the current account
  • Regular monthly reporting on the current account (Statement on the current account) – free of charge
  • issuance of Statements on the current account at Bank counter – free of charge
  • use of Internet services (e-Kaba, mBank )
  • use of Info Service

General information is available in Croatian language only.

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