Karlovačka banka provides services related to the monetary and foreign exchange trading.

Money market

You can invest your available funds with full confidence in the Bank’s money market products, choosing the product that best suits your needs.

Term deposits in HRK and foreign currency.

If you have surplus of funds in HRK or EUR we offer you the possibility to deposit funds in terms according to your choice. Interest rates are depending on the term of the deposit period and the trends on the money market.

Foreign exchange market

Foreign exchange market involves foreign exchange trading, intended primarily for business clients who deal with foreign trade business. If you’re one of them, please feel free to contact us and take advantage of the possibility of trading while contracting a more favourable exchange rate compared to the one released on the Bank’s official exchange rates list.

  • If you are buying foreign currency to effect a payment order abroad and paying in HRK, we will arrange more favorable sales rate for foreign currency.
  • If you are selling foreign currency from yourforeign currency account andwant the payment to be effected to an account in the Bank in HRK, we will arrange a more favorable exchange rate for buying foreign currency.

Karlovačka banka uses modern information services when arranging exchange rates in accordance with current market developments.

After you have set up an exchange rate with Treasury staff member, you will receive an e-mail with Zaključnica which you can use to effect the transaction via our e-Kaba service.

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