mKabaBiz mBank is an application used for Bank’s mobile banking service to perform transactions and manage funds on client accounts via a mobile device. It is intended for companies, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, associations and other business entities with transaction account at Karlovačka banka. It provides fast, secure, efficient and cost-effective business and is available 24 hours a day.

Adventages and opportunites of using mBank application on mobile devices:

  • overview of branches and ATMs
  •  insight into exchange rates
  • national payment in kuna:
      • payment order, possibility of using templates
      • using 2D bar code
      • authorization of orders within the rights granted and a certain limit
      • preview od orders (unauthorizedm announced, executed, revoked, rejected)
      • e-mail payment confimation
  • foreign exchange and reviewing the order of purchase
  • authorization of cross-border and international orders in all currencies, entered by Internet banking, within the rights granted and a certain limit, an overview of foreign currency orders (unauthorized, executed, revoked, rejected)
  • authorization of files under the rights granted and a certain limit, review of processed and revoked files
  • preview of the balance and transactions of all company accounts (in all currencies), download balance to PDF, and send via e-mail
  • downloading of statement of account (in all currencies) and sending it to the e-mail
  • downloading of the statement of account (in all currencies) from the archive
  • insight into the balance and transactions of the credit and debit cards of the company
  • quick and efficient performing of non-cash payment transactions
  • possibility of performing transactions from anywhere in the world with mobile phone access to Internet
  • saving time
  • availability of banking services 0-24
  • use of the mKabaBiz application is protected by a PIN (the user can always change the PIN)
  • payment order entered by e-Kaba service can be authorized by mBank service and vice versa

What is necessary for using mBank service?

      • transaction account at the Bank
      • mobile device with Android or iPhone platform
      • Internet access

To become a mBank user, please complete Application Form and deliver it to the nearest Bank’s branch.

mBank makes your financial transactions with the Bank simple, fast and secure!