e-Kaba service for corporate clients offers the possibility of account managing and performing non-cash domestic and foreign payment transactions via Internet and is available 24/7.

By using e-Kaba services the Bank takes care of all orders that need to be completed in the agreed schedule.

The use of e-Kaba service ensures confidentiality of your data and privacy and allows unlimited access to service.

Benefits and features:

  • quick and efficient performing of non-cash payment transactions
  • prompt transfer of funds in your own accounts and accounts of other recipients in the Bank
  • access to transactions and balance of accounts, immediately after the execution of the order
  • receipt of statement of account containing balance and transactions
  • receipt of monthly calculation of fees and other costs
  • self time management and execution of payments on the dates you prefer
  •  using templates for easier execution of orders for the same recipients and protection from unwanted errors
  • loading bulk orders in pain.001 xml format
  • availability of statements of accounts in .pdf, .txt and camt. 053 format

Karlovačka banka d.d. enables:

  • implementation of the payment file in SWIFT MT101 format
  • download of excerpts in the SWIFT MT940 format

File formats are designed for all types of national payments and cross-border and international transactions.

e-Kaba service can be accessed by using the following media:

  •   USB key
  •   mKabaBiz-mToken

USB key allows e-Kaba users the use of the service on a personal computer with Internet access and installed certificate, while the mToken allows users to use the e-Kaba service on any personal computer with Internet access.

If you are accessing e-Kaba service using Kaba KabaBiz mToken, all you need is a smartphone with the Android platform or iPhone and access to the Internet on your mobile phone.

Take advantage of using KabaBiz mToken:

  • availability of e-Kaba service from any PC that has Internet access
  • safe, simple and discreet way of payment
  • quickly and comfortable performing of transactions

Follow the modern trends and be mobile with KabaBiz mToken!

Everything you need to use e-Kaba service is your transaction account in the Bank and a personal computer with Internet access.

The completed application form stating the persons who will access the e-Kaba service should be  delivered to the nearest Bank’s branch.

Instructions and technicals instructions for e-kaba service are available in Croatian language only.

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