Cash orders

Cash transactions

Cash business (deposit/withdrawal) is available in the Bank’s branches and in FINA’s branches.

Cash payments in favour of accounts of residents and non-residents are performed in accordance with currently valid legal regulations. Cash payments effected at the Bank’s and FINA’s branches and payments effected through self-service units of the Bank are credited to the account of the business entity on the day of receipt of the cash or the next working day at the latest.

Day-night vault

Day-night vault is a self-service device that enables cash deposits to transaction accounts irrespective of the branch office hours. Depending on the type of the device, cash deposits are made using containers and/or safety bags.


  • Available 24/7
  • Saves time

Cash transactions in foreign currency

Foreign currency cash transactions (cash deposits to transaction accounts and cash withdrawals from transaction accounts) are made available in the Bank’s branches.

When depositing foreign currency cash based on import collection, a resident business entity must submit the cash as well as prescribed documents for this type of business. In case of absence of prescribed documents, the Bank will place the cash into temporary deposit and the client will be able to dispose of the funds after the delivery of the required documents.

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